Emmy® Winner • Cinematographer • Storyteller

 His Story

Camping 2.jpg

Jeremy first picked up a camera in early 1990-something, but it was a mid-summer camping trip with his parents to Fort Bragg, California that would forever change his perspective on the power of film. The camping trip started out as any family adventure would; lots of excitement, exploration, and fun. On the first day of this trip, 7-year-old Jeremy met another camper his age named Casey. Jeremy and his new friend became inseparable. Together, they explored trails, climbed trees, ran along the beach, shared stories and laughed. Days passed and their friendship grew and grew.


Casey’s camping trip had started several days before his and it came time for her to pack up and head home. When she left, Jeremy was heartbroken. Without skipping a beat, Jeremy’s mom, Kathy, had an idea. Little did she know, her idea was about to alter the direction of Jeremy’s life forever. Until that moment, their family video camera was used to record arbitrary landscapes and green army men battle scenes in the dirt. His mom proposed that they take the video camera to each of the places he would play and let him talk about all the activities they did and the fun they had. They spent the afternoon going from location to location, each with its own story and memory. While Jeremy’s friend was now gone, he had solace in the idea that all of his memories were preserved forever.

And that’s when it happened.


From that moment on, Jeremy’s perspective of what a video camera can do completely changed. It wasn’t just about capturing images any more; it was about capturing moments. He spent the rest of his elementary, middle school, and high school years experimenting with video and learning how to tell stories. Taking every opportunity to capture what he saw, he always had a camera in his hand and found a way to incorporate video in to his school projects.

Through his college years he studied the art of live broadcast production. From live sporting events, game shows, and news programs, he took every opportunity to learn the technical and artistic side of every role. The pressure for perfection was thrilling. During those years, he also had the opportunity to dip his toes into several feature-length independent films as an assistant production coordinator and production assistant. Through this, he gained valuable insight on the production management of large scale projects.


Throughout his journey, he has focused his efforts on telling stories in a relatable and meaningful way. From wedding films and non-profit vision videos, to large scale events and narrative films, each serves as an opportunity to share a story and connect with people. His work has lead to teaching opportunities as far away as Morocco. In 2019, he won an Emmy® award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Northern California/San Fransisco Chapter for a project he directed.

His perspective on life greatly shapes his ability to tell stories in a heartfelt and meaningful way.

The ability to capture the beauty of light, story, and emotion drives me to continue perfecting my craft.
— Jeremy

Career highlights

  • Emmy® Award for Director/Cinematography.

  • Traveled to Morocco to teach a filmmaking workshop.

  • Directed projects reaching over 4 million views on Facebook.

  • Gold and Silver Telly® Award Winner.

  • Active member of multiple filmmaking communities across the nation.

  • Hundreds of stories told.